Specialization and Networking


What sets us apart from most of our competitors is our focus on just two industries, engineering and biotechnology. Since 2004 we have built a network of over 6500 qualified candidates that we have screened thoroughly and checked references. Our focus on two industries also aids B&C in understanding exactly what you're looking for. Since we do these kind of searches everyday this translates to better quality and more qualified candidates in a short period of time.



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Budget and Time


A concern of many of our customers are the costs that go into utilizing a recruiting service. As a business we understand that having great employees is what drives growth and future success of any company. We also realize that budget and timelines play an important role in this equation. Since we have been in business we work with a variety of different customers small and large and have taken the approach to customize our service offerings to the needs of our customers.



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Since 2004 when we started this business, our focus always has been and always will be our customers. We consistently make a strong effort to personalize our services and have a strong track record to back it up. At anytime you decide to utilize our recruiting services ask for our references. We have had many success stories and getting it straight from our customers might be the best way to aid in your decision. Along with that promise we also guarantee our placements with 100% satisfaction. If for any reason a candidate does not work out for your company we will replace them at no cost to you.